Architecture Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Construction and Development Projects

With Visuarq we provide architects, builders and interior designers with a practical and innovative tool for both presenting their construction and development projects and for helping customers make decisions.

For an Architects Studio, having the Visuarq AR application will give it prestige and the option of presenting projects in a way that is both novel and effective, whether dealing with private customers or with companies and organisations.

This Augmented Reality application allows the blueprints of finished projects to be displayed so that the customer can 'be' on-site and imagine exactly how his future house will be, or even rearrange its layout if he so wishes.

You could use your Augmented Reality application to:

  • Present all the constructions details of a complex or development to customers.
  • Present your tender for a construction project
  • Show the different options for finishes on the same model.

You could request your actual or potential customers to download your studio's application free of charge, either by iPhone, Android or iPad.

Then at the meeting - or via conferencing from separate offices - each person could have the 3D model of the future project as it will be when completed.

As for interior design, the designer can choose to have a wide variety of virtual interior designs and 3D models of furnishings in catalogues or in a single application, which lets customers see and even try out different models off-plan to view how their selected design would look. This is a way of facilitating and speeding up sales.

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