Engineering Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for the Engineering Sector

The ideal application for Engineers Studios. It means that the presentation and sale of your projects - refineries, enlargements of refineries, ports, major constructions, (engines, cars, boats, etc.) - take on life and movement and become a more dynamic activity.

Just by downloading the application to your Smartphone device the project can be viewed in 3D format, streamlining and geeing up your most important meetings.

You could use the Visuartech Augmented Reality application to:

  • Present a complex or development with all its constructions details to customers.
  • Present your tender for a construction project.
  • Show the different options for finishes on the same model.

How does it work?

You could request your actual or potential customers to download your studio's application free of charge, either by iPhone, Android or iPad.

Then at the meeting - or via conferencing from separate offices - each person could have the 3D model of the future project to study in more detail as if it were already completed.

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