Tourism Augmented Reality

Visuartour is Augmented Reality for the turism sector.

Through Visuartour, we place within your reach the impressive power of augmented reality to show your archaeological sites and historical monuments as they were when they were first constructed.

Augmented reality is a powerful and effective tool for publicising a city's cultural and historical heritage, enriching and giving added value to any information you want to convey.

In addition to numerous applications, AR is the perfect complement to QR codes, virtual reality, etc.

With Visuartour, you get 5 products in 1.

1. In-situ Augmented Reality for archaeological remains.

We create 3D models of archaeological sites and historical monuments as they were when they were originally built, so that visitors and tourists can see in-situ just what they used to look like, simply by pointing their Smartphones at them and making use of free applications.

2. Augmented Reality for archaeological sites via the web.

Visitors to your website will be able to "download" the archaeological sites and monuments to keep at home in 3D form and virtual animation; this makes for a unique experience.

3. Augmented Reality for tourism leaflets.

This application gives added value to your tourism leaflets and catalogues. Print the target on a programme or plan of city information in a tourism leaflet, and grab attention in a far more effective way than traditional tourism devices can. Can you imagine the effect of putting the photo of a monument in a leaflet and the tourist being able to view it in animated 3D, just by pointing a mobile phone at it?.

4. Augmented Reality for city merchandising.

We can print the target of any monument or archaeological site you have in mind onto tee-shirts, postcards, key-rings or any other kind of tourism item, this way the customer or visitor can look at the article they have purchased and see the 3D model in it whenever they wish.

5. Augmented Reality for presentations and fairs.

You can present your historical heritage or most valuable tourist attractions in an original way that attracts attention as never before. The AR application we have developed for your products can be used anywhere and on your stand at fairs. With it, you will offer visitors to your stand an eye-catching surprise.

How does it work?

Tourists can download your Augmented Reality application for free,either in their own home wherever it is in the world, or in-situ in the city itself.

If they are using it at home, just by pointing their mobile phone at the target printed in the tourism leaflet or printed off from your tourism website, potential visitors can enjoy looking at the monument in all its glory.

And if they are actually visiting the city, they can see how the monument was built as if it were right in front of them in its original form.

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