What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality adapt to fit all production sectors.

"... a huge and attractive potential
within our reach in a way never seen before."

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new and cutting-edge technology which will revolutionise the future of marketing and publicity,making real-world and artificial information interact, having a major visual impact on the viewer and enhancing communication between the two worlds.We overlay perceived reality with additional visual information, using digital systems to heighten its attractiveness and usefulness.

This enables us to put in place a new approach to sales which can be adjusted to fit all production sectors (tourism, engineering, architecture, education and science, fashion, the food industry, merchandising, manufacturing, advertising, the automotive and naval industries, sales, medicine and teaching, to name just a few) in an innovative way which enables the user to stand out from the competition by offering new ways of presenting products and projects.

Visuar Augmented Reality

With AR, we offer a wide range of new applications for Smartphone devices, whether iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android, which allow the user to interact with the application and analyse the product or project in a more real fashion.

AR applications in 3D are entirely compatible with and complement QR code, geopositioning and virtual reality applications amongst others, so that the information received by the user is more complete and makes a greater impact, so in turn we get his attention entirely and the message stays in his mind for longer.

For Augmented Reality to work, it needs several elements:

  • A marker (Target), which is what the AR application recognises.
  • A camera, a webcam or a mobile phone camera to read the target.
  • A screen to view the result.
  • An application which runs the desired Augmented Reality function.

What most captures the attention with the Augmented Reality application is the 3D image projecting out of the real-world scene.

There are so many applications which can be given the Augmented Reality treatment, and they can be developed in different services and sectors such as: Theme Parks, Education, Architecture, Sales, Manufacturing, Automotive, Naval, Fashion, etc.

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