Advertising Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for the Advertising Sector

"... have your AR application and use it on multiple plataforms, anywhere in the world, for a one-off investment".

Publisuar is the name we use for applying Augmented Reality to the world of advertising.

Augmented Reality lets you create a new system for running promotions that adapts to fit any sector in an innovative fashion, so that yours stands out from the competition by offering novel presentations of projects and products.

With Augmented Reality we offer a wide range of new applications for Smartphones, whether they use an iOS platform (iPhone or iPad) or an Android one. Customers can use them to interact with the advertising and analyse the product in a way that is more real.

Augmented Reality can be used on innumerable advertising platforms: hoardings and banners, the press and magazines, leaflets and catalogues, merchandising products, websites and corporate CDs, sign boxes, pennants and so on ad infinitum; platforms you can use to publicise your products or just your brand.

Question: what can you get out of an Augmented Reality advertising campaign? Answer: a lot of benefits. To name just a few: a high-impact advertising campaign, media repercussion, thousands of people with your application on their Smartphone, multiplying the number of business hits with a one-off investment, exclusivity and, most importantly of all, getting everyone talking about your brand.

Moreover, we undertake eye-catching and novel street-marketing activities using Augmented Reality with whatever promotion campaign or presentation you have designed.

For example, we place 2 female publicity professionals wearing Augmented Reality tee-shirts and on Segway in your main 200 shops across Spain, promoting your product and using the AR campaign. We take care of generating all the material required as well as coordinating, tracking and collating the results of the advertising campaign.

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