Food Industry Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for the Food Industry

We have created Augmented Reality applications adapted to fit the food industry. These applications give numerous and very positive results for this sector at the advertising level.

Using Augmented Reality you can provide information on food and on the food products you sell by means of impressive interactive labelling. This lets you catch your customers' attention and get ahead of the competition, even and most importantly in the point-of-sale. AR provides more information than a traditional label can: indeed, with Visuarli you can expand information however you wish without having to worry about having to make it fit in the limited labelling space on the product. Your customers get an enhanced experience and you gain their loyalty.

Question: what can you get out of a VISUARLI advertising campaign?, Answer: a lot of benefits. To name just a few: conveying information to the consumer at the point-of-sale using a simple, fun and novel form of advertising. If your brand or product is a new arrival on the market, the image created will be of a brand which uses cutting-edge technologies; if your brand is established, your customers will view it afresh. VISUARLI, also enables customers to 'play' with the product and brings them closer to the actual use experience in a totally personalised way. It will also enable you to reach younger potential customers more effectively. In addition, and most importantly, it will get everyone talking about your product or brand.

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