Merchandising Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Merchandising

Get ahead of the competition and at the same time get your customers interacting with your promotional products or brand.

Augmented Reality is a cutting-edge application which lends itself perfectly to use in the various promotional merchandising articles on the market (such as key-rings, baseball caps, tee-shirts and diaries). It grabs customers' attention by making a major visual impact. This application will make your promotions different, innovative and fun.

How do we do it?. We create an application and programme it to recognise given printed patterns - known as targets - that are used as the reference point on which a 3D object is overlaid. This way we make your brand or products stand out from the rest at the point-of-sale itself, so that your customers actively seek out your products to interact with them either through play or amusement activities, or through the information that our application lets them offer.

Augmented Reality applied to the world of merchandising means creating and establishing a new promotional system, which will let your company stand out from other companies and ventures which stick to traditional methods customers are already familiar with.

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