Textiles Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for the Textiles Sector

Visuar has created this application for a line of active, youthful and fun clothing for all kinds of people from kids to adults.

This application lets you display a 3D animation of whatever you want on each item of clothing. To do this, all you need do is print symbols, inanimate characters or any representative figures on the clothing that you think will catch customer attention and get them to interact with the product.

How does it work? Couldn't be easier, the consumer downloads the application from the Apple Store or Android Market, points their mobile device at the item of clothing with the symbol printed on it and hey presto, they immediately sees the image you have decided to use leap out at them.

Can you imagine how, just by downloading an application for free, you could see a dolphin splashing on your tee-shirt, or Spiderman scooting across your kid's tee-shirt, or make your sweetheart smile at the hearts and flowers leaping out of their clothes?

Be the first to develop a different and exclusive advertising campaign for your customers.

T-visuar Augmented Reality clothing gives you a brilliant and eye-catching product .

This Augmented Reality line of clothing is perfect for:

  • Tourist tee-shirts of city sights and monuments that tourists can take home with them.
  • Theme Park tee-shirts with mascots leaping out in 3D.
  • Football teams your logo takes shape and wraps around theirs.
  • Special events and celebrations.
  • Groups and associations.
  • etc.

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